5 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Here are 5 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

I watch my 7 year old daughter run around the house from room to room. Bouncing and jumping and so full of energy. many times I have said to myself oh I wish I had that much energy 😃. Why are adults criticized and labeled as “weird,” if they ran from room to room? HA! I know that her metabolism is on fire and burning and fueling her body. I remember when I was younger my metabolism was high. Then we become adults and the normal saying is “oh just wait your metabolism will slow down.” Then we become overweight and we are not happy with our bodies. It happened to me for sure. I have 4 kids, have a career and no time for that metabolism to kick in. I was able to find away to fire up that metabolism again; shed the unwanted pounds and feel better about myself.

A few tips to speed up that metabolism again:

I want to share some useful tips with you to speed up your metabolism that you can start today.


  1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Unfortunately most of us don’t. Yet, the recommendation is to get 7.5-9 hours of sleep each night.  The hormones that tell you you are hungry or full are all out of whack when sleep deprived.  Cortisol gets released which increases the hormones for you to crave “comfort food.” Not food that is good for us.
  2. Eat meals at a consistent time.  If meals are inconsistent then your body is not sure when the food will come so it goes into starvation mode.
  3. Too few of calories. It is possible to lose weight while eating the correct amount of calories. The best way to start this is to journal what you eat everyday. Then you can start seeing trends. Also you can start seeing how the calories might add up or not add up. When you body does not have enough calories it  will go into starvation mode. The result the body will start storing the fat instead of burning it.
  4. Dehydration. Not drinking enough water to help flush the body will slow the metabolism
  5. Sitting too much. This is a big one because a lot of have desk jobs and it is not always easy to fit your steps in for the day. My advice would be to set a timer for one hour. This will help you to remember that once an hour get up from your desk and move around. If you can during lunch or after go for a walk.

I hope this helps! Use these tips to speed up your metabolism. If you would like more health and fitness tips click here and subscribe to my newsletter.

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