How Does Leaky Gut Affect You?

How does leaky gut affect you?

Leaky gut can affect you because 70% of your immune system is in your gut. With this in mind it really does matter what we put in our gut. Depending on what we are eating we could be damaging the lining of the intestines.

As the intestinal lining is damaged over time then bacteria, incompletely digested food and other toxins start to break through the intestinal lining. This is harmful to us because then these particles enter our blood stream. The immune system then sees them as foreign objects and begins to attack. This causes stress on the immune system as it is always in high gear. This is what is known as leaky gut.


This will eventually trigger an autoimmune reaction. Some of the symptoms of leaky gut are:
• Gas
• Bloating
• Cramps
• Joint Pain
• Fatigue
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Skin Rash

Diseases that can be caused by this can include:
• Celiac Disease
• Cancer
• Liver Disease
• Gallstones

Now we know what leaky gut looks like and the symptoms, how did this happen? Genetics, diet, stress, and our environment can cause this. For now I would like to look closely at our diet. Changes in our dietary habits have included processed foods, high salt intake, high sugar intake, and snacking.

The amazing thing about our body is it can heal itself by itself if we provide the right nourishment. This is by eating the right foods, managing our stress, and getting enough sleep. The body knows how to take care of itself.

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How to Heal

One of the ways to heal the digestive tract is to do an elimination diet for at least 3 weeks. The elimination diet is to remove foods that could possibly be making the body react and cause some of these symptoms. The only way to know if you are having a reaction to food is to eliminate it for a period of time and then add the food back in one at a time. Then you can note how you feel when you start to add the food back in. If you don’t feel well when eating certain foods then they should not be included in your diet. Here are the foods to eliminate during the 3 week period:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Caffeine
  • Sodas

While you are on the elimination diet be sure to eat whole foods. This means do not cook from a box. Cook at home. Some foods that are good to heal the gut are:

  • Grass-fed beef
  • Chicken – no antibiotics
  • Green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli)
  • Drink bone broth – ensure that it is organic. You can buy organic bone broth at the store or you can make your own. Here is the recipe. Heat it up and sip it like soup.
  • Eat foods rich in omega – 3’s like avocados, use chia seeds or ground flax. You can also take a fish oil supplement for the added omega 3.
  • Brown rice, millet, buckwheat, or quinoa


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Change can be difficult just remember one step at a time. Make one small change and keep building upon it. You will begin to see a difference in no time. Be patient and no that it does not happen over night.

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